Quality Initiatives

Quality Standards

Air quality and duct cleanliness standards are important to the HVAC, Industrial and Architectural metal fabrication industry because much of our work involves the installation and maintenance of ductwork.

In order to help eliminate the amount of mold and airborne diseases in ductwork, R.F. Knox Company, Inc. has instituted effective quality control procedures for fabrication storing, installing, and maintaining ductwork. These stellar procedures are applied to all duct products at no additional charge for every client.

We Ensure Quality For All Our Customers

R.F. Knox Company, Inc. has been fabricating and installing custom sheet metal for businesses and organizations since 1914. We have a long, well established record of serving the healthcare and food industries. Air quality is an especially critical issue for hospitals, healthcare facilities, food production and manufacturing plants.

We view the improvement of air quality as a crucial concern and our quality initiatives are top priority. All employees are trained and educated about proper duct cleanliness.