William Pinto
Hardin Construction

Congratulations on your selection as one of the Top 25 Small Businesses of the Year in Cobb County. I was at the Chamber breakfast on Monday and was proud of all the small businesses represented, but especially proud knowing that at least one of those businesses, R. F. Knox Company, Inc., had worked on many of our projects over the years.

Congratulations on this honor and congratulations on your company's 95 years in business.

Tom Roberds
Marietta Facilities Engineering Dept
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

We really appreciate the hard work your crew put into our project.  R. D. and the guys worked in brutal conditions and still met our schedule while giving us good workmanship.  I know that we can always rely on R. F. Knox when we're in a pinch. 

Dan Spinetto
Operations Manager
Brasfield & Gorrie

Thank you for the fast and high quality work on our elevators at Egleston. Having R. F. Knox Company, Inc. on our team has been a real asset over the life of our project. I look forward to our next opportunity to work together. Thank you Doug and team members!

Justis Brogan/Bob Dopf/Joe Jouvenal
MEP Assist. Superintendent/MEP Superintendent/Project Director
McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

The Georgia State University Science Park project has been very challenging job but to date we are in a great position to successfully finish in large part due to the efforts of certain individuals. Matt has been a great asset through his hard work and dedication. The McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. and the staff at GSU project truly appreciate his efforts and those of R. F. Knox Company, Inc. as a whole. We look forward to working together on future projects and hope that Matt and R. F. Knox Company, Inc. can be a part of those endeavors.

Don Andres
Project Superintendent
Cleveland Electric Company

Southern Company was very pleased with the installation. The look of the spiral duct was a great idea. It definitely looks much better than the square. Beginning after the first of the year, we will probably do it all over again on Units 1 and 2. Once again, I appreciate the quick professional service.

John Buhler
John J. Kirlin, Inc

Please accept this letter as commendation for the efforts of R.F. Knox employee Keith who alerted the project and valiantly attempted to extinguish the fire in the Chiller Plant on Monday, March 10. His quick action averted possible harm to construction personnel and allowed for containment before the situation spread which could have caused an extreme amount of damage to this facility.

We at John J. Kirlin wish to extend our thanks for Keith's response in a time of need.

We are pleased to have R.F. Knox Company, Inc. as a member of our team on this project and we look forward to the successful completion of this project with your team's assistance.

Ralph Clark
Manager of Engineering & Maintenance
Woodruff Arts Center

Thank you to Brian, Bobby and R.F. Knox Company, Inc. for all the work you have done at the Woodruff Arts Center. Every project you have completed is impeccable. I would like to particular speak of the Alliance Theatre handrails fabrication and installation. You installed them around a difficult schedule, and the installation was completed with interruption. Great work.

Bill Dehlman
Fujitec America, Inc.

Thank you for the excellent customer service I received from Brian on your team. R.F. Knox Company has always provided us with quality work in a timely manner but I was not expecting this level of service.

Doug Smith
Cleveland Group

I sincerely appreciate the support and extra effort that Curtis brings to work with him every day.The Suniva Project has been very challenging for me and I am very fortunate to have his presence. Curtis performs above and beyond to meet the high standards in which this project demands. Dedication of his nature is unique and hard to find. Thank you for your patience and giving me the pleasure to work with such a inspiring induvidual. There is not a day that goes by that he either helps me or makes me laugh! I respect his knowledge and can trust his input on our coordination. Thanks for the team work!!